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fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning to you. our weather is wet. that is one way to describe t also a little bit difficult to see out there because of the fog. good morning. it is monday, september 27, 2010 i'm gurvir dhindsa. we're glad you could join us. >> thank you for being here. tony perkins joins us as always as we say good morning to him as well. >> we got some rain and we'll get more and much-needed rain across the area today. we'll start with the radar image and can you see that we've got some rain showers. there are a few areas where we're seeing a little heavier rainfall. that will be primarily off to the north and east. we also have full cloud cover this morning, and some fog here and there in parts of the viewing area. sorry we are losing that last frame of rain there for you. we'll get that fixed for you. current conditions, 64 degrees at reagan national airport. relative humidity, 93%.
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wind are out of the northeast at seven miles per hour. here is your forecast for today. expect more rain. cool, cloudy, rain will be heavy at times. could see some thunderstorms later on today as well. we are looking for a high of around 74 degrees. we'll have more details on all of that coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic early on this monday morning. >> good morning, you guys. wet pavement already means trouble out on the highway. inner loop of the beltway after the exit for 270 but before old georgetown road, there is an accident there. the lane are open as you continue past old georgetown road. we had the crash on the outer loop of beltway after georgia avenue but before you reach connecticut avenue wedge -- with only the right side getting by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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new this morning, a man shot in a car in maryland. this was just before midnight. sarah similar monday is there in landover following the story. good morning. >> good morning, steve. and what is really bizarre about this is this is the exact same location it appears, at least of the 400 block of dodge park road in landover where just about eight days ago, there was another man found shot to death inside of a car. at this point, we do not know these two are related but a very bizarre coincidence. this and just 10 minutes before midnight last night. the latest incident in the 3400 block of dodge park road. officers were called here for a report of a shooting and once they arrived, they found a man inside of a car shot or suffering from a gunshot wound. they then took him to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. this is very similar, it appears, to a shooting that he on kurd also inside of a car. a man found dead on september 18th just eight days ago.
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police, as far as we know, are still looking for suspects in both of these cases. the man that was found dead september 18th, 22-year-old donald eugene reeves. at this point, we do not have any identification on the man that was found here inside of a car last night. but, of course, police will continue to follow this and we'll bring you the latest details as we get them. back to you. >> thank you. montgomery county police are looking for the driver in a hit and run which happened saturday night. it happened about 8:00 saturday. the victim was walking in silver spring. police say the driver of a dark colored sedan struck 24-year- old danielle alle. >> people don't go by the speed
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limit. >> it is a busy street. you have to actually lack -- look and see what is coming. make sure you are out of harm's with a buff get into your vehicle. >> police are looking for a small dark-colored sedan, maybe a honda with possible damage to the headlight and right side of the honed and wind shield. a woman accused of killing a chevy chase doctor six year ago was found dead at a state mental hospital. police say she was murdered by another patient. susan sax was found strangled in her bed at the clifton perkins state hospital yesterday. she was accused of the 2004 stabbing death of her 71-year- old landlord. a 46-year-old male patient at perkins is charged with killing sax. the family of an 11-year- old salisbury, maryland girl kidnapped and killed last december wants the state's attorney to prosecute the case even after he leaves office.
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he lost the democratic primary early this month but the family says he knows the case best and should remain the lead counsel in the upcoming trial against foxwell's killer. the democratic candidate says he has not ruled it out. there has been a shark attack in virginia beach. a local teenager nearly lost his leg. the boy was surfing when the shark took two bites out of his leg. slot machines are coming to maryland a few days earlier than expected. the hollywood canada is even osceola opening this morning. the state's first slots casino just received approval from maryland's lottery commission to open early. the casino is set to open at 8:00 this morning. the burgundy and gold headed out for the road for the first time this season. probably wish they would have stayed home. game came down to the offense against the rams. the redskins got dragged all over the field at the
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beginning. the skins did come from behind to take the lead in the third. sad bradford able to rally his team. steven jackson did it on the ground. bradford did it in the air. he gets his first win as a pro. >> not really surprised by much. i think they had some big runs. he provided the big player ability that they was looking for. you guess he was hot. >> we've all talked to clinton and we talk all the time. i think the most important thing in this situation is just to continue to show support. we know when he gets back in there, he can create some big plays if us. coming down later, we'll wreak down the x's and o's.
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tragedy out on the road a deadly crash involving a bus full of tourists. we'll get an update next when fox 5 morning news continues. t
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making headline this morning the first of three rescue capsules arrived at the mine for 393 miners in chile over the weekend. runs a hole is drilled, the man- sized capsule will be lowered into the ground to rescue the workers one by one. government says this should happen by early november. at least 1 people are dead and dozens injured following a bus crash in germany. this happened sunday just outside of berlin. police say a bus slammed into a concrete bridge support. they think the bus was forced to swerve to avoid a car merging into traffic. some conservatives are criticizing the pledge to america because it doesn't go far enough in criticizing
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government. >> the american public hurt from these young guns. it turned out to be a pop begun. it turns out to be spin, not substance, not specifics t turned out to be a return to the failed bush policies. >> the republican plan is also under fire for not addressing the biggest problem of all which is social security, medicine indicate cad and medicare. >> the headline sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, ufos over an air force base. >> several former top air force officials talk about what he saw in the skies decades ago. they say they are about to reveal some top secret proof that it was a ufo. >> i love it. also coming up in just a few minutes, we have the latest on today's weather. take the umbrella with you. you will need it. with we've got clouds. we've got rain. and julie wright will be along to tell us what is happening with traffic. mmmm.
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taking a look at some wet road out there this morning as the rain was falling and still a little wet. we'll get you there it. tony saying there will be a little bit more on the way. nothing like what they're dealing with in the midwest though where the flood waters are still rising. the wisconsin river has washed out roads in portage. >> a levee home depotting back the wisconsin river has already broken. people in the area were ordered to evacuate but not everybody did. a lot of people are now trapped. i don't know why people don't leave what they are told to leave. it is a mess out there. wave got rain falling here. i know we haven't had any in quite some time so we need it. >> we do need it. we are getting it now. pardon me. we will through today and tomorrow and it will be heavy at times so you want to be aware of that. officially, yesterday, at reagan national, we only had a tenth of an inch of rain. parts of the area had more than
5:16 am
that. the built being of it will be today into tomorrow. we'll start with hd radar. we'll show awe i couple of radar images. you can see right now the heaviest rain is off to the north and east. so across severna park, pasadena, places like that. just north of appear appear list, some heavy rainfall right there. much of the rest of the area seeing some mist and fog or light rain. light rain up across into gaithersburg right now up towards clarksburg, north of reston, perhaps in the great falls area, seeing some light rain showers right now. and meanwhile, most of the rest of the area, like i said, it is mist at this hour. that will change and develop during the course of the morning. let's go to the graphics. we'll show you another radar image. there is a lot of precipitation, a lot of moisture to work with that is coming in from the south. there is an area of low pressure down to our south that will slowly track north. it will throw a lot of peep in over the mid-atlantic region. can you see by looking at that,
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some of it is heavy. not saying all the heavy rain will make it into our area but we can expect periods of heavy rain and maybe some thunderstorms as well as this system continues to move to the north. a lot of times, we'll get our rain from the west. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. right now, we are at 65 degrees. here in washington, 63 in gaithersburg. 65 at quantico. dulles at 62. martinsburg at a cool 59 degrees. your forecast for today, cooler temperatures than what we had friday and saturday. yesterday, 75. we'll be in the same ballpark today. 74degrees for your high. cloudy, cool, rain is heavy at times. for tonight, cloudy skies, rain continues. overfight low in town about 68 degrees. let's take a look at the five- day forecast. a lot of unsettled weather on
5:18 am
the five-day forecast for today and tomorrow. early rain tomorrow and then gradually diminishing during the course of the day. 80 for your high. look like mid-70s again for wednesday, partly cloudy. possible of some rain showers on thursday. friday looks to be a pretty decent day. high about 74 degrees. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> wet pavement means we've got a lot to talk about. latest accident occurred in maryland westbound along route 50, the john hanson highway as you approach 197. that is where we got the two left lanes blocked. there was a crash over at connecticut avenue before you reach connecticut avenue that had traffic squeezing by to the right. bw parkway southbound at # 02 for a wreck. northbound on 95 in virginia, no incidents to report right now as you leave lakeshore don and continued through springfield headed up onto 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. there is a worrying report coming out today which shows that half of the guns that
5:19 am
cross state lines come from just 10 states. a group of mayors is putting out that report t found that of all the gun crimes in 2009, nearly half of the firearms were sold in a handful of states including the state of virginia. the survey comes from the group mayors against illegal guns. members of the u.s. air force are being urged to come clean about possible ufo sightings. a group of ex-military commanders set unveil details at the national press club today. roby chavez has our story. >> this were seeing strange lights in the sky. >> reporter: robert salas worries aliens have their eyes on our nuclear weapons. he remembers one morning early in march of 1967 while on duty several in the military witnessed unexplainedded red lights in the skies over an air force base in montana. >> very frightened guard auld
5:20 am
me and said they were looking at a glowing red object pulsating about 30 feet in diameter, hovering right above the front gate. >> reporter: moments later, arlington national cemeterys on 10 nuclear missiles sounded and then they were mysteriously shut down. >> it is like we're under a terrorist attack. that is what i thought. the facility was under some kind of attack. but it was very strange. >> on monday, he comes to washington with folders of previously top secret documents to prove it was a ufo. this memo concluded -- >> the fact that no apparent reason for the loss of 10 missiles can be readily identified is cause for grave concern. >> reporter: top secret documents no longer a secret. for the first time, he and six former air force officers are talking. they want the air force to come clean. >> we would never debrief -- we were never debriefed after that. we were ordered not to ever
5:21 am
talk about it. the air force has deliberately not told the truth about not only my incident but maybe hundreds of others as military facilities. >> reporter: salas says it was a ufo with a message. >> i think it was a message to us about the danny gonzalezer of nuclear weapons. other incidents were covered up. it is high time the air force and the government opened up their files on ufos. >> in washington, roby chavez, fox 5 news. aside from presenting the fine go ahead today, the group will also discuss the national security risk that these incidents could pose. >> coming up here on fox 5 morning news, an olympic training ground right here in our area. an event to decide who is going to be this year's national canoe and kayak champion. we'll take through when fox 5 morning news continues. we'll take -- we'll take you there when fox 5 morning news continues. frce ttge
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welcome back. there is a big sporting event going on in our own backyard that you might not know about. and the winners are now able to call themselves national champions. >> fox 5's tisha thompson sakes us to our very own olympic training grounds. >> this is just nonstop white water action top to bottom. you've got waves. you have agoat hydraulics.
5:25 am
you've got eddy lines with the water surging off the wall. >> reporter: he is in charge of this case which will decide who will be this year's canoeing, kayak champion. >> kind of controlled chaos from start to finish. >> reporter: jacobi says the water here in dickerson is some of the toughest in the world. surging, bumping and flipping over the nation's best paddlers. the former olympic coach bill endicott says it can be even er >> they're having a heart attack. because athletes are coming to them and saying, you know, this looks kind of hard. how do i do it? i'm in the sure i can do it. >> >> reporter: the kayakers say you will not find a course like this anywhere else in the country. there is only one of its kind because it was created by a power plant. the are you ever is actually cooling water flowing out of the power plant as it creates electricity for much of the d.c. area. >> it is also heated water. it is outflow from the power plant. so that is a little bit of a
5:26 am
liability. in the wintertime, this is the place to train because it is the one place in the whole world where you have a heated river. >> reporter: scott is a three- time olympian and a three-time world cup champion. >> if we were to have this in washington, d.c., we could have it on this course. >> reporter: you may have noticed, everyone we talked to is a former olympian. >> i'm also an olympic gold medalist in the sport of white water canoe slalom and group up in the washington, d.c. area. >> you can't help but bump into olympians here because so many live in d.c. just so they can train on this course. >> just these amazing people that are just so under the radar screen but in a sport like white water, maybe that is a little bit the way they like it. >> he says they are a humble bunch because there is nothing like an electrifying power- producing man-made river to smack the ego right out of you.
5:27 am
in dickerson, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> okay. scott shipley and his two man canoe came in first place. we have a lot more for you this morning. let's check in with sarah. >> reporter: a man is found shot to death inside of a car but what is even more strange about this story is the exact same thing happened just a week ago on this same stretch of road. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have that story coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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welcome back. there is a look at traffic. that is at the beltway at connecticut avenue and can you see the roads are wet out there this morning as we have rain falling across the area. we need it. that's for sure. >> we could use the rain. we will get it. we're not going to make up our deficit but it will be pretty good healthy rain we have here because we will see some periods of heavy rainfall as well later on today. let's start with hd radar, show you where the rain is, where the heaviest rainfall is. that is off to the north and east right now moving across pasadena, severna park, places like that. we are having some rain showers come right through the district at this hour. not the entire region but coming through as we speak and also some rain off to the north and west. so it is potty rain showers this morning including a couple of spots of heavier rain. we'll see, i think, more persistent rain during the course of the day today.
5:31 am
maybe even some thunderstorms too. right now, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 65 degrees, relative humidity at 93%. your winds are out of the north at eight miles per hour. here is your forecast for today. lots of clouds around. temperatures seasonable. we are looking for a high in the mid-70s. our average high for this date will be 75 degrees. rain could be heavy at times. we could sme some thunderstorms. we are at a slight risk for severe weather. -- we could see some thunderstorms there. you go. that is the latest on the forecast. >> it is so busy out there with all that wet pavement. we've got standing water westbound 50 coming out of bowie as you work your way past route three along the left side of the highway is where we've got the standing water. closer to 197, a crash reported in the second lane from the
5:32 am
left. top stretch of the beltway, inner loop in good shape. outer loop, the crash is before connecticut avenue. that is still tying up a lane there and you will find delays leaving the mormon temple. >> northbound i-95 in spite of the wet pavement. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police found a man shot inside of a car. sarah similar monday is live on the scene in landover. >> reporter: steve, was even more strange here is this is the seam exact block, 3400 block of dodge park road, where eight days ago, another man was found shot to death inside of a car. now, let's get you up to speed. this latest incident occurred last night just 10 minutes before midnight. it is the 400 block of dodge park road again. officers were called here for a report of a shooting. once they arrived, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound inside after car.
5:33 am
this is very similar to an incident that also occurred september 18th in this same block. police arrived to find # #-year- old donald eugene reeves suffering from a gunshot wound eight days ago along this same area. -- police arrived to find 24- year-old donald eugene reeves. we do not know if these cases are connected. it is just very bizarre, the similarities in this case. but-- in both of these cases. we will be talking to police and see what we can gain from there later on. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, the search is on for the driver of a hit and run in montgomery county that left a woman critically injured. this happened saturday night about 8:00. the victim was walking in silver spring in the # 700 block of carroll avenue near piney branch road. she has been identified as daniellea
5:34 am
alle. police are looking for a small dark-colored sedan, possibly a honda with possibly damage to the front head lint atta and right side of the hood and windshield. a woman accused of killing a chevy chase doctor six year ago was phone dead at awe state mental hospital. police say she was murdered by another patient. susan sax was found strangled in her bed yesterday. sax was accused in the 2004 stabbing death of her 71-year- old dr. joys ha democrat l. a 46-year-old male patient at perkins is charged with killing sax. police say this man held up a sun trust in burtonsville saturday. they say the robber walked in, pulled awe gun and left with cash. he use a black bandana to cover part of his face. if have any information, call
5:35 am
crimesolvers. the first slots casino in maryland opens in just a few hours. the owns received arolf from state officials to open early after a practice run saturday went smoothly but the official open with the governor and other vips is still scheduled for thursday. it was a game that a lot of people said the redskins must win. the burgundy and gold in seduce. the rams coming into this with a 14-game hmo losing streak. the rams started strong. 14 unanswered points in the first quarter but the burgundy and gold would fight back to take the lead early in the third. after that, all rams. st. louis wins 0-15. lindsay murphy talked with the team after the game. >> reporter: it was a pretty quiet locker room. the skins' defense was hit early and often. the offense didn't play well enough to recover gentleman i felt like we played a good football team. i couldn't say more about how the rams came out and played.
5:36 am
i knew all week it would be a big challenge for us watching them on film. they play extremely hard. they get knocked down and keep coming back. >> the first quarter of the game, they hit us in the mouth and we caught ourselves in recovery mode already. they flat out whipped us. we got to come out there, get prepared, look at this film and see what went wrong and check ourselves and get ready for the next week. >> what happened? did the skin take the rams too lightly oregon the rams better than a lot of people thought? some of questions we'll answer when dave ross joins us for monday morning quarterback. >> we have much more still ahead on fox 5 morning news. the pastor at the center of a sex scandal is talking bubblely about it now. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect
5:37 am
man. but i am in the the man that is being portrayed on the television. >> it is, however, what bishop long did not say that has some people very concerned. we are checking more headlines coming up next on fox 5 morning news. ♪ ♪ i like your messy hair ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smile ♪ don't know why i love you
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possible trouble for the newly re-established peace
5:40 am
talks between israel and the palestinian. it now appears jewish settlers can start building settlements in the west bank again. the construction slowdown agreement expired last night and planners have broken gowned on a new kindergarten. the obama administration is working to keep the peace talks alive. in afghanistan, the head of of the election commission has ordered a recount of votes in parts of seven provinces. he says more recounts could be possible. this follows last week's parliamentary vote. the recount comes as u.s. and coalition forces push out from kandahar city as the anti- taliban operation enters a new phase. nato is stepping up the combat part of the operation dragon strike. the atlanta pastor accused of abuse spoke out about the scandal during sunday's services yesterday but as fox's elizabeth pram discovered, it is what bishop eddie long is
5:41 am
not saying. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. but i am not the man that is being portrayed on the television. that is not me. that is not me. >> reporter: long went on so vow he would fight to the very end and let justice prevail in the court system. he continued to ask for support why he and his family go through what he say is a very maybeful and difficult times. when members left church, there were mixed emotions. >> we wanted him maybe to say he did not do the things that has been leveled against him and that was not said. >> the bishop has proven himself over the years to be a man of integrity and character so i have to stand behind the character that i know. >> reporter: the lawsuits allege that long showered the boys with expensive jewelry,
5:42 am
gifts and trips, that they shared bedrooms together an engaged in sexual accounts. for the past two decades, long has been a vocal activist against homosexuality and gay marriage. in georgia, elizabeth pram, fox news. with the changing of leadership in the d.c. mayor's office, the future of michelle rhee is in question. hear how she is getting some big support. that is 395 at the 14th street bridge. it is wet out there so plan some extra times with the wet roads. we're back after this.
5:43 am
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we take a look at some wet streets down in the nation's capital this morning, wisconsin avenue. it is 65 degrees and it is still a little wet out there this morning as can you see from that camera shot. tropical storm matthew brought heavy rain to central america over the weekend. at least seven people killed in mudslides in vent --
5:46 am
venezuela. right now, dozens of people staying in temporary shelters. matthew has weakened to a tropical depression but across guatemala, people are being urged to say off certain roads because of the flooding. in honduras, there has been an alert to thousands of people along the coast. we have that rain coming down. is gone for two weeks, the neighbors said there was not a drop of rain while i was gone. i told tucker earlier i brought it with you. >> we thank you for that. >> welcome back, by the way. >> thank you. >> we need the rain. we are getting it. we'll get more during the course of the day. it looked like a fairly unsettled week. it won't rain all week long but we could see more rain in the later part of the week. >> we'll take it. >> we'll show you where the precipitation is now. the heaviest rainfall at this hour has been off to the north and east. right now, some of that has dissipated. we are seeing heavy rainfall across delaware this morning. rehobing on the beach seeing
5:47 am
some significant rainfall. much of the rest of the area, this is where we are seeing that one pocket of heavy rain. we are seeing rain showers up to the north of severna park, eastern portions of 695, the baltimore beltway heading up towards aberdeen. around our area, some more scattered shower activity, one little pocket of heavy rain north and west of the district. a few more rain showers down to our south. let's take a look. we'll go back to the graphics and take a look at the big picture here as far as the precipitation goes. this is moving into our area from the south due to a low pressure system. that is off to the south and west. it is tracking northward. it actually tracks west of the washington area but a lot of moisture for this system to work with and it will spray that moisture all across the mid-atlantic into the northeast, not just during the course of the morning and into tomorrow as well. you can see, we continue to see areas of heavy rain develop with this system. it will keep on.
5:48 am
we may get some breaks here and there which is actually what we're seeing right now. more rain will if in as the rain progresses. this is our futurecast. it's model run of the rainfall. you see that rain this morning as we've been seeing it. maybe some more heavy showers. then later on today. we are still in under the rain. there are some breaks here and there. could see a couple of thunderstorms here and there with this. still raining. we do have rain showers and then things begin to clear out but take a look at wednesday night. it is 11:00 wednesday night. more rain on -- knocking on the door and by thursday, it is likely that some of those showers will work their way in here for thursday during the day. current temperatures around the region, 65 degrees here in washington. 63 in gaithersburg. baltimore is at 64. annapolis is 70. we travel to virginia, quantico, 65.
5:49 am
your forecast for washington for today look like this. cloudy and cool, rain high- deffity at times. could be a thunderstorm or two later on today. 74degrees for your high. then for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, some rain during the course of the morning into i think the early afternoon before it starts to dissipate. 80 for your high. wetted, partly cloudy. 75. thursday, another chance of rain showers, 78. friday looks pretty good, mostly sunny and 74. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, here is more on the morning rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> a lot going on right now. especially if you are traveling in from the west along route 50 as you make your way in from bowie this morning. standing water report ad long left side of the highway and then just after 197, stent activity was tying up the second lane from the left. southbound 270, not so bad right now in spite of the wet pavement. you are also going to find, if you are traveling on the bw parkway northbound at greenbelt road, accident activity tying up the center of the road and partially blocking that ramp. northbound on 59 look good in
5:50 am
the hov lane and the main line in spite of the wet pavement. beltway looks good traveling between annandale an merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. u.s. secretary of education arne duncan is voicing expert on national television for the chancellor of d.c. schools. secretary duncan and choolz chancellor michelle rhee and on meet the press. duncan said mayor fenty can walk out of office with his head held high. rhee was asked whether she was going to stay on as chancellor with vincent gray as mayor. >> i am a huge fan of what he and michelle have done. by any measure, the public schools in d.c. are dramatically better than when they start giant food are you going to stay as chancellor of d.c. schools. >> i think that is something that we still have to determine and i have to talk to vincent gray. but i think the important thing to realize is that education
5:51 am
reform can continue in d.c. regardless of whether i'm there or not. >> rhee also went on to say she could stay on as chance lakeshore as long as the new leadership is willing to continue to make the incredibly tough decisions that have been made in the last few years. >> a case of the st. louis blues for the washington redskins. coming up next. >> the handoff to garvey and it is garvey touchdown. >> redskins beat bint rams. what's up with that? what's up with clinton portis? dave ross is here with our sports breakfast. -- redskins beaten by the rams! a
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dave ross joins us to talk a little redskins football. i have to admit i was wrong. >> didn't see that coming, did you? >> i was wrong. i thought the score might be the same but another way around. >> i bet a lot of people wake up and think the same thing you do which is how in the world did that happen? this is a bad rams team. let's make no bones about it. they lost the first two and they lost to the raiders and the cardinals. >> those two peoples are not very good. the bottom line is this is unacceptable for the washington redskins this. cannot happen. i know it is on the road. i know it is tough and we talked about it last week. these are the types of games that you are going to be a play offteam you have to win. mike shanahan knows that better than anybody.
5:55 am
what an all of start yesterday for the redskins. steven jackson, we talked about him on friday. this was the main weapon for the rams and he showed it early. first drive, there he goes to the house. 7-0 just like that. he was a nonfactor. he got injured in the second half and didn't play. the skins come right back. mcnabb in the middle. santana moss out. his hands and in james butler's hands. when you are on the road, steve, can you not have starts like this and expect to come back and win. now, the redskins did respond. >> they did, very nicely. >> here is donovan mcnabb. this is what you love to see in the rollout. it is 14 left hand -- it is 14- 10. look at. this right oefelein and blocks the field goal at the end of the first half. >> how intimidating is that for the kicker to see him coming at you.
5:56 am
you think here they go. up top, santana moss. >> game over. >> first an gold. they had to set follow i afield goal. that was a problem. 16-14. too many field goals. without steven jackson, you can't let kenneth darby beat you but he does. you got that feeling in the second half that, deangelo hall falls down. there goes mark clayton. and again, when you make comments like you did a week ago and you come back this week, you got a big taring oat your back, this is what is going to happen. mike shanahan, kyle shanahan going back to the drawing board. this team is now 1-2. there are no moral victories in the nfl. a lot of people viewed that as i moral victory last week. not this week. not when you lose to the rams and after the players in the locker room not very happy about what happened. >> they did the job. they played well. we didn't step up and do the things we needed to do to win
5:57 am
especially on the road. >> you have to be able to change the outcome. we found ourselves in a similar situation obviously the same as last week. you got to score. and field goals come back to helicopter you. we had opportunities again in that second half to get ourselves back in that red zone to score and we just didn't capitalize. >> that is exactly the point. there it is right there. when you are kicking too many field goals in the red scone, you can't do that t doesn't matter who you play. eventually, that is going to bite you. it bit them yesterday. >> you can't score three and give up seven. you said the rams not a good team. they were definitely the bet are team yesterday. >> they flat-out beat the redskins that. shouldn't happen. that is the point. they were better yesterday than the redskins. and you cannot go out on the road and play as farly as you did in the first six minutes
5:58 am
and come back. >> let's talk next hour about the energy level on the field and some layers who didn't seem to have it all together. >> we'll check your morning commute and it is a wet one so far on this monday morning. it look like it will stay that way throughout the day. we'll be back after this.
5:59 am

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